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About Us

Kings Transportation Services is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company based in Cleveland, Ohio. We provide both ambulatory and wheelchair transportation to residents of Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Ashtabula counties.
Most non-emergency medical transportation companies around Cleveland have a reputation of picking/dropping off their clients late. With Kings Transportation Services, we guarantee that you will NEVER arrive late at your Doctor’s appointment, and once you notify us you are ready to be picked up from your medical appointment, your driver will arrive in less than 20 minutes to pick you up – GUARANTEED. Also, unlike other medical transporters in Cleveland, we almost always do not stop anywhere else to pick up other passengers. As we pick you up, for your convenience, our drivers are scheduled to take you straight to your destination without any additional stops.
Use Kings Transportation Services and you will never wait hours again to be picked up, we will provide you the royal treatment that you deserve, our drivers are specially trained to do just that.
A recent national survey found that almost 4 million people miss or delay medical care services simply because they did not have transportation to their medical appointments! Most people with chronic health conditions need regular treatment appointments. Our goal is to make sure no one in our community misses such important appointments due to transportation difficulties.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make sure that no one in our community, whether utilizing a wheelchair for their transportation or needing just regular transportation, misses their medical appointment due to transportation difficulty. Regardless of the nature of your difficulty, insurance or no insurance, that appointment is important, don’t miss it, don’t arrive late. Call us and we will schedule one of our drivers to pick you up.

Core values

1.Compassion: Committed to treat the elderly and disabled with compassion, warmth, patience, friendliness and kindness.
2.Reliability: Committed to uphold customers’ safety, comfort and schedule with every ride. We never leave our clients waiting hours to get picked up.
3.Integrity: Committed to embody honesty, dependability, accountability, honor and diligence in all of our dealings.
4.Service: Committed to serve passionately, professionally and ethically, while increasing value at an affordable price.
5.Respect: Committed to consider each customer’s uniqueness and handle each distinct situation with care.

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